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Codetalk – Enhancing Consumer Engagement with Marketing QR Codes


Consumer Engagement can help businesses increase brand awareness, improve the customer experience, drive conversions, and collect valuable data. Marketing QR codes are useful for businesses looking to engage with consumers, provide information about their products or services, and measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

With Sepio’s digital IDs, you can make every product smart, so it can engage customers when and how you want. Codetalk allows every manufacturer to convert their product packaging into a marketing platform for engaging with customers at POS based on their location, time, date, and past buying behaviour. Unlike digital marketing, which allows precision targeting of customers based on their persona and buying habits, offline marketing suffers from a lack of personalization. Companies are generally clueless about their end-consumers and thus fail to engage with them meaningfully to influence their purchase behavior. QR Code Marketing can make the packaging smart and transform the customer engagement scenario.




Digital Packaging Solutions can provide actionable insights into marketing campaigns in real-time by multiple parameters like the product, location, product category, and more. The analytics data will help you improve your marketing campaigns progressively.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Marketing QR codes allow marketers to know consumers better, understand their offline purchase habits, create customer personas, and analyze purchase decisions. Doing this, you can offer better service to the current and potential customers.

Retargeting Offline To Online

The marketing QR platform allows marketers to communicate with customers using SMS, push notifications, email, and social media to build deeper and more enduring customer relationships to drive repeat purchases.

Personalized Communication

Permits every manufacturer to convert their products into a direct and contextual marketing channel to move customers along the sales funnel to the final purchase decision. Intelligent Packaging Solutions allow marketers to combine online and offline marketing initiatives to connect with customers in a matchless way to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns.

Boost ROI Of Marketing

Marketing QRs permit the better targeting of customers in real- time using custom offers, advice, recommendations, and replenishment prompts in addition to personalized content across online and offline channels. Smart Packaging Solutions facilitate marketers to conduct loyalty programs and gamify customer experience to promote engagement.

Dynamic Campaign Administration

Marketers can use Smart Pack Solutions to create dynamic marketing campaigns by customizing the offers based on multiple parameters like consumer type, history, location, time of the day, day of the week, and other inputs. They can also track the performance of the marketing campaigns by location and product.


Product Marketing with QR Codes can be used on product packaging or in-store displays to provide customers with information, promotional offers, or even facilitate purchase.
QR codes can be used on online platforms to drive traffic to specific products, provide discounts or coupons, and simplify the checkout process by pre-filling information.
QR codes can be used in brochures, travel guides, or at tourist attractions to provide visitors with instant access to maps, audio guides, virtual tours, or ticket purchases.
QR codes can be used in car dealerships or on vehicles to provide detailed specifications, pricing information, or access to test drive bookings.
QR codes can be used on tickets or posters to provide event schedules, artist information, or exclusive content. They can also facilitate ticket scanning.


Scanning QR codes is a simple and convenient process that doesn't require special equipment beyond a smartphone or tablet with a camera and a QR code scanner app.
Companies can measure the effectiveness of their consumer engagement efforts in several ways. Some common approaches include customer satisfaction surveys, social media metrics, website analytics, net promoter score (NPS), sales and revenue metrics, and repeat business and customer lifetime value.
Yes, there can be additional costs associated with implementing marketing QR codes on packaging, like QR code design for visual appeal, QR code generation software, printing on packaging, testing the marketing QR code, and analyzing the metrics.those products have been shipped. Manufacturers can use a Product Track and Trace solution to monitor product quality throughout the supply chain. Manufacturers can demonstrate compliance with regulations by maintaining accurate records of product movements using a robust Product Traceability System.
The specific regulations and guidelines may vary depending on the country or region where the product is sold. The QR code should not contain false or misleading information, and claims should be backed by evidence. Companies should divulge information about the use of customer data and obtain consent before using personal data. The QR code should not interfere with mandatory labeling requirements or regulatory markings while being easily readable.
Yes, dynamic QR codes can be edited and updated even after they have been printed or distributed. Dynamic QR codes are linked to a web-based platform where you can change the destination URL or information associated with the QR code without needing to reprint it.
By using QR codes in marketing campaigns, companies can collect valuable data, track consumer engagement, and offer personalized experiences, which can help them better understand and serve their customers. QR codes can be used to gather feedback from consumers, such as through surveys or feedback forms.
Yes, marketing QR codes can be used for promotional and informational purposes. Businesses can create QR codes that lead users to a landing page with exclusive offers, discounts, or product information. Marketing QR codes can provide supplementary information about a product or service.
A consumer engagement strategy is essential for any business looking to build brand loyalty, increase customer retention, and ultimately drive revenue. Some best practices for implementing a successful consumer engagement strategy include developing a deep understanding of your customers, using multiple channels to engage customers, providing personalized experiences, using social proof, using gamification, and measuring and analyzing engagement metrics.
Companies can measure the ROI of their QR code campaigns by tracking the number of scans, analyzing user engagement, calculating the cost, and comparing the cost with the revenue generated.
Yes, QR codes used in Smart Pack Solutions typically require an internet connection to work. When you scan a QR code, it usually takes you to a website or landing page. Without an internet connection, your device cannot access the online information associated with the QR code. However, some QR code apps allow you to save the QR code for later use, when you have an internet connection.
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