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Secure Logi-M is a high-quality tamper-evident pull-tight security seal made of high-strength polypropylene. Ultrasonic welding technology adds to its robustness, making it impossible for the seal to be forced open or cut without leaving visible signs of tampering. The 4 mm tail of the three- piece Logi-m Strap Seals is designed to slide easily into the eyelet for quick strapping. Industries like e-commerce, courier services, and logistics are the primary users of Secure Logi M Seals.




10,000 PCS




High-security state-of-the-art Logi M Seals for Courier Services allows users to secure the seal according to specific sizes

Ultrasonic welding provides additional strength, making the seal tamper-evident

Adjustable length pull-tight plastic strap seal suitable for securing multiple items or bags

Easy pull-up action possible with smooth tail insertion

Cannot be opened by hand, and the seal needs a cutter to open

Tamper Evident Labeling

The metal insert provides extra security from tampering

Customization with customer name, logo, serial numbering, barcodes, etc. possible.

4 mm strap tail suitable for small apertures


Shipping and logistics

Freight and transportation

Customs and Border Control

Manufacturing and Industrial

Energy and Oil Industry

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Banking and Financial Services




When integrated with video surveillance systems, strategically placed cameras can monitor the sealed areas, allowing security personnel to visually verify the seal's integrity. Any attempt to tamper with or remove the seals can trigger an alert, and the cameras can capture the event for further investigation.

Logi M Seals for Courier Services can connect to alarm systems or access control systems. If a seal is tampered with or broken, it can trigger an alarm that immediately notifies security personnel or activates other security protocols.

Access control systems can be programmed to require the presentation of a valid access card or biometric identification to gain entry to a secured area. Once inside, the person can seal the area with a pull-tight seal, providing an additional layer of physical security.

Pull-tight seals can be integrated with electronic documentation systems or databases to create an audit trail of sealed objects. When a seal is applied or removed, the action can be logged electronically, including details such as the time, date, and person responsible.

Integration with a centralized security management system allows administrators to monitor and control various security measures, including pull-tight seals, video surveillance, and access control
systems, from a single platform.

The lifespan of a pull-tight seal can vary depending on several factors, including the specific type of seal, its quality, and the conditions of use. The durability and longevity of the seal will depend on the kind, quality, and strength of the materials used. If the seal is subject to rough handling, extreme temperatures, or harsh environmental conditions, it may experience more wear and tear, potentially reducing its lifespan. Logi-m Strap Seals are single-use and, if tampered with, should not be reused. Proper maintenance and care can extend the lifespan of a pull-tight seal. Regular inspections, ensuring proper installation, and using the seal within its specified limits can help maximize its durability. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines to determine the lifespan of a specific pull-tight seal.
Secure pull-tight plastic seals indicate tampering through several mechanisms. Each seal is typically assigned a unique identification number or barcode. It helps establish a chain of custody and ensures the seal tracing to its origin. Logi-m Strap Seals create a secure physical barrier that must be broken or cut to gain access to the sealed item. Any attempt to remove or tamper with the seal will leave visible signs of damage. Many pull-tight seals are equipped with additional security features to enhance tamper-evident capabilities. These may include features like holographic labels, UV ink markings, or special patterns that are difficult to replicate. The design of the Logi M Seals for Courier Services itself is frangible, meaning it will break or become irreversibly damaged upon tampering. Some pull-tight seals incorporate a void-indicating feature, such as a word like "VOID" or a pattern that becomes visible when the seal is tampered with.
Plastic pull-tight seals are designed to provide tamper-evident features rather than encryption or advanced data security. Their purpose is to visually indicate whether a seal has been tampered with or removed. The level of security offered by plastic pull-tight seals depends on several factors, including the design and strength of the seal, the material used, and any additional security features incorporated into the seal. Some seals may have unique identification numbers or barcodes that can help track and verify their authenticity.
The process for applying and removing pull-tight plastic seals is relatively simple. Select a pull-tight plastic seal suitable for your application. Ensure it has the required strength, length, and features like a unique identification number or barcode, if needed. Insert the tail through the closure mechanism: Insert the tail of the plastic seal through the closure mechanism, such as the holes or loops on a bag or the openings of a latch or hasp. Pull the tail of the plastic seal firmly to tighten it around the closure mechanism or the item being sealed. This action engages the locking mechanism inside the seal, preventing it from being easily opened or tampered with. When removing pull-tight plastic seals, you should check the seal for any signs of tampering or damage. If you suspect the seal has been tampered with, exercise caution and follow appropriate security protocols. Use a suitable cutting tool, such as scissors or a safety cutter, to cut through the plastic tail of the seal. Once the tail is cut, remove the plastic seal from the closure mechanism or the item being sealed. Generally, applying a seal can take just a few seconds to a minute, while removing a seal can be accomplished within seconds.
Each pull-tight seal can be assigned a unique barcode or QR code. These codes can be scanned using handheld or fixed barcode scanners or even mobile devices equipped with cameras. The scanned data can be instantly transmitted to a central tracking system, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of the seals.
Sepio is committed to delivering a high level of customer support and technical assistance to users to enable them to get the best performance from Secure Logi M Seals.

Yes, manufacturers offer customization options. You can often choose the color, length, and have unique identification numbers or barcodes printed on the seals. Customization helps with easy identification and tracking of sealed items.

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