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A Padlock seal is made of two portions one of high-quality plastic that is printed with code and another of sturdy steel to secure the lock in place. It is made of high-quality and sustainable material for durability and is tamper evident. Since the lock has patented code print it is easy for identification and accessibility in the supply chain. Due to its nature, it’s a one-time use product and if it is tried to dabble with it would be easily evident. Another striking feature of a padlock seal is it is color coded, and has a unique identification code, QR code, or barcode for recognition. These seal locks are lightweight making them useful in quick applications and are made of High-Density Polypropylene making them sturdy and durable. It is a cost-effective seal lock that has a range of use.


Tamper-evident seals that provide high security and prevent attempts at theft

Patented unique identification numbers, QR codes, or barcodes with one-time use

Digitally printed information for traceability and accountability

Color-coded for differentiating the nature of the product and application of the seal

Difficult to dabble without leaving visible signs of tampering

Manufactured with sturdy material that guarantees the durability of the padlock seal

Adaptable to extreme weather, harsh conditions, vibration, and physical stress

Propriety software for tracking seals in Logistics and transportation

Cost-effective solution providing reliable security without extensive investments


A lock that has a square body and long sustainable steel, U-shaped bar to close the lock in place, it contains a unique identification code on the plastic body.
it is a small and lightweight durable seal with different color codes and a harp steel wire to secure the lock. It’S a Tamper evident one-time use lock
a commonly used seal in shipping and transportation industries made of metal bolts and a locking mechanism
it is made of a high-security mechanism with an encrypted code combination and electronic chip for tracking and identification


The appropriate implementation of padlock seals is choosing the right type of seal and understanding the nature and sensitivity of the package. That would help in deciding the type of seal that would be required. It's essential to understand the color code while selecting the padlock seal as it has usability accordingly. For maximum effectivity, it can be customized according to one's requirement for recognition.


The Padlock Seals are manufactured using a combination of materials to ensure strength, durability, prevent evasion, and provide security. The commonly used materials in the manufacturing of the lock are High-Density Polypropylene and Steel. Further, its design weight and size are accomplished depending on its usability.



Manufacturing and Transportation

Electrical Utilities


Retail and Distribution

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Finance Institutes

Government and Public Services

Food and Beverage


A Padlock seal is a secure seal that is made of two portions one of high-quality plastic that is printed with code and another of sturdy steel to secure the lock in place. It is made of high-quality and sustainable material for durability and is tamper evident. It has a patented code, QR code, or Barcode printed on the plastic portion which makes it easy to identify. The padlock seal is manufactured in different colors that pertain to the signature application, making it unique. These seal locks are lightweight making them useful in quick applications and are a cost-effective seal lock that has a wide range of use.

A padlock seal is to provide security to the product and according to the application there are various types as follows:

● Plastic Padlock Seal that is made of plastic and thin steel strap to secure used for easy application
● Metal Padlock Seals are made of steel or aluminium that offer high strength and durability along with a patented code printed on it
● Bolt Seal Padlock that is commonly used in shipping and transportation industries made of metal bolts and a locking mechanism
● Cable Padlock Seals that are flexible and are secured through the padlock are used for securing meters and pieces of equipment
● High-security seals are designed with encrypted lock mechanisms, including an RFID or data tracking chip for identification and accessibility.

The padlock seals according to their design has a wide range of application in various fields for instance,

● It can be used in logistics transportation and manufacturing to maintain a record and for safety protocols, since it has a patented code
● Used in securing retail and e-commerce products
● Used in securing utility, gas, and water meters ensuring accurate measurements

● To secure cash and cash bags and other important documentation
● In the pharmaceutical industry to secure the product and maintain identification through QR codes
● For delivery and storage in Food and Beverage Industry to secure and track the product
● Used to secure temporary structures and shutters during events
● To prohibit entry into public and government places in restricted or unsafe areas

Padlock provides various benefits such as,

● High security acts as a barrier to any kind of intrusion, tampering, or theft
● There are various types of lock suitable for versatile application and is designed according to the flexible use
● They have pated code printed for easy recognition and tracing
● It has a color code that defines its usability and purpose making it easy to use
● They have portable use due to their adaptability
● They are cost-effective and can be used in various environment
● They can be customized and have a tamper-evident mechanism on the advanced lock making them easy to trace and identify breach.

The padlock is made to secure various objects right from heavy materials and sensitive objects to portable and compact objects. And to maintain its security the materials used are of high density assuring the durability of the lock. Even if it is long-lasting it has one-time use as once tampered with its value and security are lost making it tamper evident and preventing intrusion or identifying the breach.

The Padlock Seals are made of high-quality objects to prevent intrusion and provide security for the products.


It used plastic specifically polypropylene (PP) and steel which ensures it is resistant to extreme weather conditions and can therefore be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The material guarantees a durable and long-lasting security for the products and along with customization other objects for improvisation are added.

There are various types of padlocks and a high-quality secure padlock that contains the encrypted lock mechanism, QR code, Barcode, or RFID technology chip that can help in tracking the product in real-time and through the supply chain. So with this technical inclusion, it can be implemented as a track-and-trace solution according to its design and application.
The padlock seals are made of high-density plastic and steel designed according to their implementation. It has a leverage of a patented code printed on it and can be used to get a unique identification code or trademark printed recognition. Hence customization like logo, unique serial number, etc can be included on the seal lock.
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