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Plastic strap seals, also known as security seals or tamper-evident seals, are small plastic devices used to secure various items and prevent unauthorized access or tampering. They are commonly used to seal shipping containers, trucks, bags, and other types of packaging.
Logi Closed

Secure Logi

Pull tight high security plastic seal A superior, strong, tamper evident polypropelne seal with a large flag

logixl-closed (2)

Logi XL

Large pull tight plastic seals A durable pull tight seal with ultrasonic welded metal lock and a large flag and long tail

Logi S Closed

Logi S

Small size adjustable plastic seal A strong, tamper evident strap seal with a unique ultra sonic welded metal lock

Logi M Closed

Logi M

Adjustable,indicative pull tight seal A polypropylene pull tight seal with high tensile strength and short tail for small apertures

Secure Strap

Secure Strap

Tamper proof, plastic strap seal with round tail. A durable tamper proof seal with a round tail for sealing small apertures


Bolt seals are often used in conjunction with other security measures, such as CCTV cameras, GPS tracking systems, and security personnel, to provide a comprehensive security solution for high-value cargo and other sensitive shipments.

Secure Bolt

Metal bolt tamper proof seal One time use, bolt seal for high security applications



Patented Bolt seal with RFID Patented ISO-17712 high security Bolt seal with track


Electronic seals are becoming increasingly popular in logistics and supply chain management, as they offer a more robust and reliable way to secure and monitor shipments. However, they can be more expensive than traditional seals, and require a greater level of technical expertise to install and maintain.

Logi E

RFID enabled pull tight plastic security seal An RFID strap seal with benefits of physical security and automated track and trace.


Integrated Meter management solution An end-to-end solution including patented seal and seal management software to secure


Electronic cargo tracking system An electronic lock to secure your cargo with advance software for real time traceability


Patented Bolt seal with RFID Patented ISO-17712 high security Bolt seal with track and trace features


Meter seals are an important component of utility metering systems, as they help to ensure the accuracy of billing and prevent theft of services. They are also used in other applications where security and tamper resistance are important.


Padlocks are commonly used for personal, commercial, and industrial security applications. They provide a quick and convenient way to secure a variety of items and can be easily transported and used in different locations.

Secure twist

The Secure Twist Seal is a high-security patented sealing device fabricated from high-strength polycarbonate material featuring a multi-lock for extra security.


Secure Padlock

Secure Padlock is a one-time use, press-fit tamper-evident type of seal consisting of two pieces, a housing made of sturdy plastic, and a high-grade steel hasp.


Sepio is a market leader in supply chain security solutions. Our focus on R&D, innovation and bringing world class products to market that are not only superior but also cost effective sets us apart from our competition.
Under each product page on our website, we have highlighted the best use case and industry by each type of security seal. This will help you to identify which seal is best suited for your needs. However, we are always here to help so drop us a note on for any assistance.
You can place an order with Sepio by connecting with us on Our team will connect with you within 24 hours
We pride ourselves on our highly trained and dedicated QC team who follow the ISO standard procedure before dispatching any seals. We maintain soft and hard copies of QC reports for any fault rectification. We also have strict checking on supplier material before use for production.
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