TruCheck is Sepio’s patented twist seal equipped with enabled with an RFID chip (Rfid Tracking System ) or smart QR code for IoT applications. The seal’s multi-locking feature gives it’s a high level of physical security while its smart features enables it to provide real-time alerts in case of seal violation or tampering. Users can digitize various metering operations using RFID or Barcode System, including meter installation, reading, and audits with a connected mobile app. The primary application of TruCheck is utility meters like gas, electricity, and water.

While the robust tamper-proof features do not allow any seal violation without leaving behind visible evidence, the digital smart features ensure that the seal cannot be duplicated or replicated with ease. A properly-implemented TruCheckQR Code or Rfid Tracking System can streamline the operation and management of meters, provide accurate billing to customers, and ensure reduced wastage and safety hazards.

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