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TruCheck: Barcode or RFID Tracking System


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TruCheck is Sepio’s patented twist seal equipped with enabled with an RFID chip (Rfid Tracking System ) or smart QR code for IoT applications. The seal’s multi-locking feature gives it’s a high level of physical security while its smart features enables it to provide real-time alerts in case of seal violation or tampering. Users can digitize various metering operations using RFID or Barcode System, including meter installation, reading, and audits with a connected mobile app. The primary application of TruCheck is utility meters like gas, electricity, and water. While the robust tamper-proof features do not allow any seal violation without leaving behind visible evidence, the digital smart features ensure that the seal cannot be duplicated or replicated with ease. A properly-implemented TruCheckQR Code or Rfid Tracking System can streamline the operation and management of meters, provide accurate billing to customers, and ensure reduced wastage and safety hazards.


TruCheck seals with Barcode Tracking System or Software enhance the reliability and efficiency of meters by providing real-time monitoring, early fault detection, and data-driven maintenance strategies. They enable predictive maintenance, reduce downtime, and contribute to overall operational cost savings.


Trucheck meter seal is quick and easy to install without any additional tools. One can simply insert the wire through the hole and twist the tab to fix the seal in place. Once the Trucheck seal is fixed on the meter, it can be scanned by Sepio’s connected mobile application which can be installed on any smart phone.


Unique and patented smart meter seal solution with RFID and Barcode System for superior meter security

Combines the best of physical and digital security measures to deter and detect pilferage and tampering

Easy retrieval of data captured by the Rfid Tracking System through centralized data storage

State-of-the-art two-piece security seal with advanced locking features

Transparent seal body provides superior visibility of meter tampering

Seal duplication made difficult with RFID or smart QR code digital security measures

Unified software platform with Rfid Tracking Solutions for easy management of seal operations

Mobile application for enhanced seal installation and meter management

Seamless data flow facilitated with internal system integration


Poly Strapping Seals are available in several colors. The standard colors are YELLOW and WHITE, while other colors are available on request.


Secure Strap Seals are completely customizable. In addition to the color, length, and materials, users can ask for the printing of holograms, security numbers or identifiers, logistic information, brand names, logos, barcodes, and QR codes, if required.


Electricity Companies

Gas Companies

Water Companies


TruCheck Seals offer greater resistance to tampering or unauthorized access. They are designed to withstand various environmental conditions and rough handling during transportation. They are designed to provide visible evidence of tampering or unauthorized access attempts. TruCheck seals are versatile and can secure various narrow-aperture metering devices.
ISO 17712:2013 sets criteria for high-security seals, including TruCheck seals, to prevent tampering and unauthorized container access. These seals undergo testing and certification to ensure they meet the standard, including resistance to tampering and physical strength.
There are no specific universal regulations or laws governing the use of twist seals applicable worldwide. However, ISO 17712:2013 standard for mechanical seals.
Some environmental considerations of using twist seals include the material, disposal at the end of their useful life, use of chemicals to improve durability, the carbon footprint of transport vehicles, and sustainability. Choosing environmentally-friendly options can help reduce the impact on the environment.
Some recommendations for bolt seal selection, use, and application best practices include:  Selecting high-quality and appropriate type of twist e-seals  Inspecting the seals before using them can ensure they are not damaged or tampered with and their unique identification numbers are intact and match the documentation  Following the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the seal properly and ensuring it is tightly secured  Recording the unique identifiers and numbers on each seal and matching them with corresponding cargo or container information using the Barcode Software.  Documenting seal information, including the seal number, date of application, container or cargo details, and personnel responsible for sealing and opening the container to help establish a clear chain of custody  Securing the storage and controlling the access to the seals to only authorized personnel  Regularly auditing and inspecting the seals and the sealing process for compliance with the SOP and signs of tampering and identifying potential security breaches  Training personnel involved in the handling and application of bolt seals on proper procedures, security protocols, and the importance of maintaining seal integrity  Assessing your security measures and seeking ways to improve them
Twist seals should be stored in their original packaging or in a sealed container in a clean, dry, and cool area to prevent rust, corrosion, or damage to the seals that may prevent the Barcode Tracking System or Qr Code Tracking Software from reading them. The storage area should be free from exposure to direct sunlight, heat, or humidity. The twist seals should be handled carefully to prevent damage to their surface or locking mechanism. When applying the seals, care must be taken to ensure that the seal is fixed correctly and tightened securely. Use the correct tool to apply and remove the seals, as using incorrect tools can damage the seal or cause it to malfunction.

TruCheck seals are single-use e-seals designed to be tamper-evident, meaning they are destroyed or rendered inoperable once removed or tampered with. The cost of the seals can vary depending on the material, size, and quantity purchased. Typically, the cost of the seal is negligible compared to the value of the items secured.

Yes, polycarbonate twist seals can often be customized according to specific requirements. Customization options may include unique colors, personalized markings, logos, barcodes, or sequential numbering for improved traceability and branding.
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